Meet Caldon Charles

De Encourager
Caribbean, St.Vincent & the Grenadines

Bio: Am the eldest son in our family. I was born in the lovely village of Enhams, in St.Vincent to Chiefton and Yvonne Charles. My father and mother are both retired teachers. My dad is the senior pastor at Enhams Nazarene Church, along with my mom. In August 1999 I got married to Monique Taylor Charles, my best friend, and companion. She is truly a gift from God. What can I say about me, very simple - Love meeting people, Very jovial, Willing to learn, like adventure, Hanging out at the movies, Motivating others, Networking, Sharing ideas, Thinking creatively, and the list never ends. Am into ministry full time, so I pastor the Rillan Hill Church of the Nazarene. Something to note I love - Working with young people. This has always been my passion. So most of my content would be geared towards uplifting and encouraging every one but with a special emphasis on the youth. Motivation is something I love to do, this brings me joy and I look for opportunities to impact and impart into peoples lives positively. Lets put it this way 🙂 am just a nobody trying to tell every body about some body who can make a difference in their lives - Jesus !

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